Bea Roggero Fossati

Bea Roggero Fossati

Bea Roggero Fossati


Born in Asti (Italy), 1982
Lives and works between Nizza Monferrato (AT) and Milan.

My practice is related to the environment and the implications of the relationship between humans and nature.

I believe in finding a way to survive through the current climate and current economic and political crisis through storytelling and a changing of perspective about the environment in which we live.

People often see nature in terms of dualistic and clearly delimited notions such as “natural and unnatural”, “alive or dead” or “human or not human”, when in reality, nature exists in a continuous state. The idea of the “natural” arises from human perspectives on nature, not “nature” itself.

I try and capture the immersive nature and the overwhelming force of these landscapes with installation work, sculptures, and photography. I tend to mix synthetic and natural elements in all my work, sometimes in a deceiving fashion, always aiming at wonder and awe.

I prefer transparent and translucent materials, thin paper, luminous prints. With my work I investigate the mythopoeic force of the observation of nature, the almost magical spell of the product of chance and interactions, drawing from a broader discourse on the anthropocene, capitalocene, climate change, quantum mechanics, and queer ecology.

By rejecting human exceptionalism and anthropocentrism and allowing the infinite and the sacred to penetrate into the finite and the trivial, it is possible to learn and live in the debris of this world.


Blazing Darkness,

Photographic paper, iridescent decal, iron, 200x150cm approx.

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A Long Journey Through The Night, 2022

Digital print on aluminium plate, 80x60cm each.

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Magic The Feather, Magic The Mist, 2022

Plastic net tubulars, weeds.

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Silicone, recycled plastic.
Var. Dim.

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Lunar Mantle,

Digital print on mesh,

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Shade To Shade,

Resin, pigments, and other materials. Approx 170x80cm.

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