Bea Roggero Fossati

  • Nizza Monferrato, Italy

Italian art practitioner based in Nizza Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy. Alumni at Camberwell UAL MA Printmaking

Bea Roggero Fossati was born in Asti, Italy in 1982.
She attended Ca' Foscari Venice University studying Oriental languages and cultures, specialising in Japanese. She graduated with her M.A. in 2008 with
honours with a degree thesis on Japanese photography.
During her university years she lived in Kyōto, Japan and in Barcelona, Spain, where she learned Spanish as well.
After her graduation she moved to Milan where she worked in a big and lively photographic studio, learning the bases of the photographic techniques.
In 2012 she moved to London where, together with her partner, she successfully founded Neko Production Ltd, a company specialising in logistics for the
photography industry.
Drawing from her Japanese studies and photography experience, she started pursuing printmaking and in 2016 she applied to the M.A. in Printmaking at the
University of the Arts London where she graduated with distinction in July 2018.
The M.A. helped her practice shift toward a more sophisticated imagery where she
could join her knowledges in the photography field with a broader discourse on the anthropocene, the environment, quantum physics, geology, biology, as well as an enquiry on her own culture and spiritual awareness.
She now lives and works in rural northern Italy.


Myth and science have walked in a parallel since the dawn of time; without one there is not the other, in an endless chase where it is impossible to understand
which one is prevailing.
In quantum mechanics, alteration and movements are the product of chance. There is no outlined path, the refraction of light is tied to the random position of
an object in relation with another that might or might not interact with it. Surfaces like mesh, mirrors and plastic are a good way to test this interaction, a
recognisable, but glitchy way to interpret the natural sceneries and objects, instilling awe and curiosity in the viewer.
With my work I investigate the mythopoetic force of the observation of nature, the almost magical spell of the product of chance that is the natural world surrounding
us, drawing from a broader discourse on the anthropocene, climate change, and
quantum mechanics.
In particular, I try and capture with my sculptures, installations, and images the metaphysical quality of a natural object taken out of its context, using the
mechanical processes of photography, videography, juxtaposition, 3D printing, casting, printmaking, repetition, photocopy, scanning, and moulding.

IG: @rofobea


MA Visual Arts Printmaking at UAL Camberwell

2016 – 2018 London, UK

Innovative approach at visual arts using all forms of printmaking including – intaglio, lithographic, relief print, screen-printing, letterpress and computer generated processes. Thesis title: "The Ordinance
of Time: how have contemporary artists responded to the scientific models of time? Can cosmological
time be grasped by the human experience?"
Final Grade A+, Distinction

MA in East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Ca' Foscari University

2005 – 2008 Venice, Italy

Further knowledge of Japanese language and culture for a better training as a cultural mediator with Japan. Thesis title: “Shōichi Aoki, Izima Kaoru, Ninagawa Mika. Fashion Photography in Japan”.
Final grade 110/110 cum Laude

BA in East Asian Languages and Cultures at Ca' Foscari University

2001 – 2005 Venice, Italy

Introduction and development of a Japanese language and culture knowledge, aimed to a basic training as a cultural mediator with Japan.
Final grade 107/110.


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