Bea Roggero Fossati

  • Nizza Monferrato, Italy

Born in Asti (Italy), 1982
Lives and works between Nizza Monferrato and Milan.


My practice mainly explores ecosystems, from the gigantic expanse of the oceans to the microscopic world of fungi and the undergrowth.
I try and capture the immersive nature and the overwhelming force of these landscapes with installation work, sculptures, and photography. I tend to mix synthetic and natural elements in all my work, sometimes in a deceiving fashion, always aiming at wonder and awe.
I prefer transparent and translucent materials, thin paper, luminous prints.
With my work I investigate the mythopoeic force of the observation of nature, the almost magical spell of the product of chance that is the natural world surrounding us, drawing from a broader discourse on the anthropocene, climate change, and quantum mechanics.
Colourful and yet obscure, the installations I make talk about every single living creature, keeping an intimate dialogue in a hallowed-like setting.

IG: @rofobea


MA Visual Arts Printmaking at UAL Camberwell

2016 – 2018 London, UK

Innovative approach at visual arts using all forms of printmaking including – intaglio, lithographic, relief print, screen-printing, letterpress and computer generated processes. Thesis title: "The Ordinance
of Time: how have contemporary artists responded to the scientific models of time? Can cosmological
time be grasped by the human experience?"
Final Grade A+, Distinction

MA in East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Ca' Foscari University

2005 – 2008 Venice, Italy

Further knowledge of Japanese language and culture for a better training as a cultural mediator with Japan. Thesis title: “Shōichi Aoki, Izima Kaoru, Ninagawa Mika. Fashion Photography in Japan”.
Final grade 110/110 cum Laude

BA in East Asian Languages and Cultures at Ca' Foscari University

2001 – 2005 Venice, Italy

Introduction and development of a Japanese language and culture knowledge, aimed to a basic training as a cultural mediator with Japan.
Final grade 107/110.


UVA - Tenants, UVA Residency Program

VIR - Viafarini In Residence, Viafarini

4 months residency in the workshops of Viafarini and La Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, Italy.


Liquid:Static Solo exhibition

Posthome Milan, Italy

Lunatika Group exhibition

Mattatoio Roma, IT

VIR - Viafarini In Residence Group exhibition

Viafarini Milan, Italy

This Modern Model Of An Unseen Scene Group

Safehouse London, UK

Quattro Sguardi sull'Arte Group

Calosso Townhall Calosso, Italy

Final Show Group

UAL Camberwell London, UK

MA and Other Postgraduates Exhibition Group

Atkinson Gallery Millfield, Uk

Interval Group

Lumberjack Coffee London, UK

Midway Group

Stanpoint Gallery, Hoxton London, UK